Full Moon, Hongkong 16 October 2016

Dear Moon

Whenever you are full, you always catch my attention. Sometimes, you look so magnanimous and powerful. Sometimes, the clouds steal away your pristine brightness. Sometimes, you become playful and adorn yourself with shiny little stars.

Last night, you once again caught my attention. This time, not because of your fullness nor with your brightness but with your stillness.

I think, that’s what you invited me for. To be still. To keep still.

Where stillness does not mean absence of movement but not resisting the natural flow of life.

Where stillness does not mean the absence of noise but listening to that voice inside that says, ‘It’s time.’

Where stillness does not mean to ignore others but attend first to what is essential.

Where stillness means knowing that life is a cycle. Sometimes, what is seen is only a quarter of what you really are. Sometimes, you are full and strong. It does not matter. Your constant presence is what matters. I guess, we mortals are like you. Sometimes, we can give all of ourselves. But sometimes, we can only give so much. Kasi yun lang ang kaya. Kasi yun na lang ang natitira.

Many people send their love to orbit around you. They say, ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ Without you realising it, you become a channel of love.

But the truth is, you do not have your own light. Whatever light you have and you give, you simply get it from the Sun. The two of you have an incredible friendship. Since the beginning of time, you were there for each other. Reminded me of God’s constant love for me. Reminded me that whatever light I have, it is all from God.

Tonight, I pray. That I gain wisdom from your stillness. That I learn generosity from your fullness. That I remain connected to my source of light, Amen.

Goodnight, Moon. Thank you for the companionship during the long flight tonight.


On board CX 913, 17 October 2016


I do not remember when was the last time I have written a letter for you.  We do talk everyday but sometimes the words do not really translate what is deep within. Sometimes, the fears and doubts are the most difficult to hide and yet twice as difficult to articulate.

There is no single word that can best describe how things between us have changed all through these years.  There were moments of intense encounters but there were also period of silence and distance. There were days when I would pause and say, ‘Do I still know you?’ and mostly, searching the answer would lead me to the fact that you have remained constant and I was the one who’s constantly changing.

I would always say that I love you but I am not sure if I have shown you and I have given more than what I think I am capable of giving to express how much I truly love you. I have never admitted it, but yes, I’m sure you’ve felt that there are moments when other things come first before you and yet, you remain faithful and steadfast.

How many times did I try to plunge into the sea of life-changing decisions and you have remained by my side, not only did you say, ‘Be not afraid.’ and did not simply carry the load for me, the footprints in the sand always explain why I am called your beloved.

I wish I can write you more. I wish I can talk about you more. I wish I can give you more. But more importantly, I wish I can be more faithful to you. Your love is not something that I have earned, Your love is a gift.

Til my next letter…