I accompanied Friend #1 in getting her prescription eyeglasses. Together with us, was Friend #2. Friend #2 mostly wears contact lens but she said that whenever she wears eyeglasses, she prefers not to wear the exact prescription. She wanted her eyesight to be a bit blurred. She doesn’t want a clear vision. I laughedContinue reading

For you, a thousand times over

Just before dinner, I sketched this kite. I posted it on Instagram with a caption, ‘Raining all day. Perhaps, no kites were flown today.’ ‪#‎randomthoughts‬ It did sound so random. But then, it wasn’t random. For I have been thinking about kites since yesterday after watching ‘The Peanuts Movie’. You see, in that film, Charlie BrownContinue reading “For you, a thousand times over”