40684907_10156467313527660_1237524560677437440_nI accompanied Friend #1 in getting her prescription eyeglasses. Together with us, was Friend #2.

Friend #2 mostly wears contact lens but she said that whenever she wears eyeglasses, she prefers not to wear the exact prescription. She wanted her eyesight to be a bit blurred. She doesn’t want a clear vision.

I laughed and thought it was weird. But tonight, as I was reflecting on things that happened today, I thought maybe there is wisdom in what Friend #2 said.

Maybe, where I tend to look for perfection, where I tend to look for precision, where I tend to look for definition, I should sometimes allow things to be blurred. By then, I will be more forgiving, I will be more allowing and let my own shortcomings be a reminder that Someone up there is also forgiving and patient with me.

Goodnight, Monday. Even without seeing the fullness of things, there are always more than enough reasons to smile back to the universe. May God’s blessings be upon us, Amen.

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