How can I look at you and not smile?

26678288_10155870169722660_7419311971930827463_oI woke up today smiling.

It’s Saturday. It is the first weekend of the year.

I looked back at 2017 and though there were many mornings when all I wished was to get through the day, those days, whether it turned out to be good or bad, it added to the definition of the person I am today. How can I look at 2017 and not smile?

I remember good conversations (in person or through chats, emails, or letters) with family, with friends, with strangers, with some whom I dread speaking or spending time with, whether it turned out to be pleasant or not, it added to my wisdom and my understanding of relationships. How can I look at family, friends and colleagues and not smile?

I remember the places I visited, the travels I’ve made, the many attempts to take the perfect selfies, the sometimes senseless posts I’ve made on Instagram. Everything allowed me to know myself better, understand what makes me happy, what triggers inspiration within me, what are the things I want to chase and the things I want to run away from. How can I look at all these experiences and not smile?

I remember the times when I had intimate conversations with God but also the times when I was avoiding Him and didn’t want to reveal what’s in my heart, though I know He knows. I remember the moments when other things seemed more important, when I justify what I want rather than following His will. Despite this utterly childish behaviour, He continues to embrace and love me the way only He knows. How can I look at God and not be grateful and give my best smile?

There will be times that I will wake up not smiling. I will probably be sad, anxious, at times, probably even upset or angry. When that happens, I will remind myself to look back at everything that has been and I know I will never be able to look at my life and not smile.

For all of you who have made me smile and continue to give me reasons to smile, hope in my own little way, I also have given you the reason to smile. Thank you and may our gracious God bless you with grace-filled 2018.

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