I was browsing through my photo album early this morning when I came across this photo. It reminded me of few things, but what it reminded me most was the homily I heard many weeks ago where the priest shared a story about a fearful mouse.

One day, a mouse was so frightened because she saw a cat. A magician took notice of the mouse and through his magic wand, changed the mouse into a cat. When the cat saw a dog, it ran and ran and ran out of fear. The magician whisked his magic wand and changed the cat into a dog. The dog then saw a panther and quickly hid as it tremble in fear. The magician, turned the dog into a panther. When the panther came across a lion, it succumbed in fear and ran away.

At that point, the magician said, ‘There is nothing more I can do for you. Because even if I make you a lion, you will always have the heart of a fearful mouse.’

Today, let us be reminded about courage, about confidence, about embracing exactly who we are and our capabilities. We maybe a mouse, a minnie mouse, but inside us, we possess the majesty of a lion / lionness.

After all, God, has repeatedly reminded us through the Holy Scripture, ‘Do not be afraid. For am I with you.’

May God bless us with a courageous heart, Amen. Have a blessed Wednesday.

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