Three Hearts

12916145_10153991652567660_8033717352331607923_oLast night, someone noticed that most of my IG posts have three hearts. After a few Viber exchanges with this friend, I grabbed the play doh’s I brought with me and molded three hearts.
In the movie, “How Do You Know?”, Paul Rudd explained to Reese Witherspoon the story behind Play Doh. It was originally a maleable substance developed as a wallpaper cleaner. One time, an unused cleaner was left in a nursery school and children started playing with it and used it to mold Christmas ornaments. It was then altered (made it softer and produced in different colours) and became one of the most successful modeling compound for arts and crafts.
Paul said that just like Play-Doh, “We are just one small adjustment away from making our life work.”
In yesterday’s Easter Mass, the Bishop repeatedly said that in the many Good Friday’s in our lives, we should always remind ourselves that Easter is coming.
So I slept last night with thoughts of three hearts, play-doh and Easter. Perhaps, what the Triduum and Play Doh tell us is to make that one small adjustment to make things work, to make our lives fit to its purpose in order for us not to stay and lament on Good Fridays but to push ourselves and move towards the surprises of Easter.
Maybe, it is that forgiveness that needs to be given. Or received – and then the journey will become lighter.
Maybe, it is that dream or mission that needs to be acted upon – and that gives us the reason to wake up every morning with joy.
Maybe, it is that love that needs to be pursued or walk away from – so at the end, regardless of the outcome, we will no longer ask ourselves with too many What If’s and If Only’s.
When I woke up this morning, I looked again at these three hearts and felt that these three hearts represent my Easter. Forgiveness. Mission. That One True Love.
May the joy and surprises of Easter continue to shine upon each one of us and fill our hearts with love and hope.
After all, as what my friend told me yesterday, it is not the empty tomb but what fills our hearts that will allow us to understand the real meaning of Easter.

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