1462674_10153922262367660_3524532264128470231_oI went inside a stationery shop and found many notebooks with interesting covers. One of them is this – it says, ‘We don’t remember days, we remember moments.’
I remember the story once told to me. Her Mom has alzheimers. She already got used to the fact that her Mom does not remember anything , has stopped talking, has stopped communicating, has stopped recognising people around her.
One day, it was her birthday. Her Mom, all of a sudden gave her that most elusive and precious smile. When she moved closer, her Mom pinched her nose. No words. Just a simple, gentle act of the heart that remembers.
I will never forget that story. Our memories will fail us, but there will always be something more deep that connects us to people we love, to those whose lives we have touched and those people whose very presence made us who we are today.
I remember moments. I remember how someone made me smile. I remember how someone’s kindness have melted my heart. I hope my heart will never forget.
Have a restful Thursday night. May God grant us a heart that remembers. ❤

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