12828972_10153915283212660_7032761170803513765_oI have a priest-friend based in the UK whom everytime I would need to consult him about serious matters, we would have coffee and cake.
Initially, we would order random cakes. Until one time, he was already based in Rome and when I had the chance to visit him, we had tiramisu (italian cake – which means ‘lift me up’).
From then on, even when I am alone and I needed to be lifted up, or needed some inspiration, I will always try to have a coffee and tiramisu.
A couple of nights ago, I felt dizzy and there was an inebriate of air – a feeling of mental intoxication and physical exhaustion. It was a momentary feeling of anxiety – what philosophers sometimes say is that anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. To arrest that particular dizziness, I had to find and have some tiramisu and imagine I am seated next to a friend chatting about all the If Only’s and What If’s in life.
I was lucky to find an Italian restaurant and after eating bolognese and tiramisu, my dizziness was gone. I was calm. I smiled and realised, it was not anxiety after all. It was nothing but ‘gutom’.
Have a blessed and productive Tuesday. Eat on time. Take your meds or vitamins if you are required to. Laugh. Smile. Remember that you are loved and cared for in a most special way.

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