12522976_10153816902252660_3466282763354977098_nI was stuck in traffic and noticed an almost Empty Tank. Oh no! This does not happen. I don’t let this kind of thing to happen. Add the fact that for the last couple of weeks, I was frantic that the car I was driving is at its filthiest. These are signs – that I have been remiss with some basic stuff that are otherwise always ‘in order’.

How I wish life also has all sorts of gauge right in front of our face every day, reminding us which ones need refilling, which ones need calibration, which ones need adjustments.

An audiometer to measure how much we listen to our body as it screams that we slow down and rest.

A chronometer to tell us how much time we waste doing things that are superficial.

A disdrometer to count the raindrops of blessings we receive everyday.

A heliometer to indicate the angular separation between ourselves and the people who matter most in our life.

A profilometer to indicate the sometimes roughness of our words and actions.

A spectrometer to see if we are emitting the right amount of brightness as bearer of hope and positivity to people.

As I stopped at the gas station and have the fuel refilled, I had a quick check which parts of my life need refilling. I thought of few.

To continue the journey – Stop. Refill. Move on.

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