What’s on the other side?

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton movie set, used in the Lord of the Rings film series.

At the start of the tour, the guide repeatedly said that whilst we will see more than a dozen of hobbit holes, we will not be able to enter the doors.
She said that one of the most famous hobbit holes, Bag-end, where Bilbo Baggins live will be slightly opened, will show some interiors but, again, we will not be able to see what is inside.

The tour guide was able to set and manage the expectations of the tourists. She was able to tame down a possible breakdown, a sigh, a disappointment from die-hard fans of the film.

What she did was to transport us back to the scenes in the movie and allowed our imaginations to complete the whole Hobbiton experience.

As I took photos on the door of the different hobbit holes, I always wondered, ‘What’s on the other side?’

As the New Year starts, there are lots of new beginnings, new chapters, new doors right in front of us. Some are still totally closed, some are already slightly open. We often wonder and ask ourselves, ‘What’s on the other side?’.

If I make this choice, if I take this option, if I walk away from this relationship, if I say Yes to this, ‘What’s on the other side?’

May this New Year allow us not only to wonder what’s on the other side, but to give us the wisdom and courage to walk closely to the door and start the joyful journey.
And as we journey, may God hold us in His most caring hands, Amen.

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