Chasing Bubbles


12227714_10153659752822660_6933836041533197717_nThe world offers so many distractions – oftentimes, we find ourselves chasing bubbles – those that are temporary – giving us temporary happiness, temporary comfort, temporary companions, temporary attention, temporary fame, temporary love, temporary security. If we hold them carefully, it stays for awhile. But no matter how much we desire to keep them, at one point, they will just burst into thin air, leaving no marks or traces.

But alongside chasing these bubbles, we also experience things that could potentially help us become better persons. I look at this photo and remember the experience. I remember the cold air. I remember the sound of children playing and screaming. I remember the faces of adults who were smiling. I remember running after many bubbles and I got confused which one to pursue. I remember the happiness, until it lasted.

At the end, it wasn’t all about the bubbles. It was about how it captured my attention. It was about the chasing, the pursuing. It was about how I held it with utmost care. It was about the one that got away. It was about how it disappeared before my eyes. It was about the disappointment. It was about letting go. It was about moving on. Yes, I look at this photo, remembered the bubbles and I smiled.

Remembered one appropriate quote, ‘Do not cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.’

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