The Bottomline

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Boy Abunda’s show ‘The Bottomline’. It was a special episode for his birthday – his guests asked him several questions. I don’t quite remember whether the last question was ‘what will be his prayer to God for his birthday’ or ‘what will he tell God when he sees Him at the end of his life’ – regardless of what the question was, I remembered the answer. 🙂

He said, he will simply say, ‘Thank You.’ It touched me in a very special way. When you lose someone or something in life, you also tend to lose your sense of gratitude. It takes time and acceptance before one can once again have a grateful heart.

And so today, I would like to say,

While it is difficult facing this day without hearing that most loving voice who greeted me for the past 36 years, I find comfort knowing that she will continue to greet me in a most special way. I know she would want me to be joyful, to be smiling and to continue recognizing all the blessings I have.

Boy Abunda, on the same episode said that when his time comes, he would be able to enter heaven because of only one thing – that he had been a great son to his mother. His love and devotion to his mother will merit him a pass to enter heaven. I wish I could say the same thing. I wish I could’ve done more.

But today, if I could stand even just at the gates of heaven, I will shout really hard these words…

I have been truly blessed with wonderful people around me. And so today, to everyone who has helped me in many ways and who continue to be there especially for making this day happy and bearable, from the bottom of my heart…

At the end of each day, it is not just about how much we have loved nor how much we have given and shared but it is also about how much we have expressed our gratitude and have said, ‘Thank You’. That is the Bottomline!