The past weeks that I have been silent from blogging, I was just monitoring events and gossips from twitter and instagram.


I monitored everything from the time the Piper Seneca was reported to be missing up to the time Secretary Jesse Robredo was laid to rest. Many have been written and I have read majority of those. I will no longer add to the thousands of great things said about Sec Jesse but there are things that made a lasting impression on me. 1) The President personally looking after everything – it’s so nice to see the members of the cabinet working as a family – while Sec Roxas and Sec Abad were managing the search and rescue operation, Sec Soliman was with the Robredo family – when the body of Sec Jesse was recovered, P-Noy flew back to Masbate and brought Sec Jesse’s body to Naga. It was moving. 2) The grace and strength of the Robredo ladies – I watched every interview, I looked at every photo, I tried to monitor the whole event – not because I was nosy – but because I was drawing strength from the Robredo’s – especially Atty. Leni. The way she accepted the death of her beloved husband has become my source of strength. 3) Discovering Sec Jesse’s simplicity and humility brought me to personal reflection and examination. Thank you for the inspiration, Sec Jesse. RIP.


While I have my personal bet from the nominees for Chief Justice, I was happy with the choice. Only because of the fact that she’s the first woman to be appointed as Chief Justice of the Philippines. I hope every corporation and every organization in the world will have the same heart as P-Noy in terms of entrusting and empowering women and giving them key and vital positions. Goodluck, Madam Chief Justice!


I will not say anything about this topic.


I was fortunate to secure a ticket and watch Olympic events. It has turned me to an Olympic fan – it gave me so much happiness and inspiration everytime someone breaks an Olympic or World record. I hope I will be lucky enough to be at Rio in 2016!

Olympic Park


Instagram was flooded with throwback photos. Few weeks ago, my high school classmates posted photos of our yearbook in Facebook. So, I thought I would re-post one of those photos as my #throwback picture. Here it is:


Looking back, I realized that life is a series of coming out from shell after shell after shell. You never stay from what you are, from who you are, from where you are. The core remains to be there but we need to keep coming out of our shells – often called our comfort zones.

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  1. Welcome back, my dear Hadnelle! With all the fuss and busy-ness over the summer… I’ve missed keeping in touch. But glad to see you are back in business! You don’t look any older than this school picture of yours… and thanks for keeping me updated on the goings-on in MNL! Hahaha. How was your summer? Drop me a line… again! 🙂 Bisous. XOXO

    1. Thanks, Goddess. I should unsubscribe you from this blog. I sometimes get conscious knowing you will read my entries. 😛 Some of the stuff I write are too pedestrian for you… 😛

      1. Sira. I love reading what amuses you in London. 🙂 I hope, with Bea close by, we would see each other a little more often! Bisous. xoxo

  2. Please keep on writing , someones here very eager to read you writeups.. Oh love you HS photo , were u lil bit shy before? I thought u already came out from ur shell since being a stage performer in gradeschool

    1. Stage performer, haha! Yeah. I was not able to develop and pursue those talents, though! 😛

      Thanks for reading my blog! See you again, soon!

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