It was one of those mornings when even if I was rushing to get to work, I could still afford to look around and stalk strangers.

It is a common sight to see commuters with luggage trolleys – they complete the landscape of the City of London. They are either traveling to the City for business or for pleasure.

Anyway – one particular suitcase captured my attention. From few meters away, I noticed something was written in the handle. I ran, grabbed my phone, took photo  – – –

Not close enough so, I continued to chase…


Never Stop Exploring!

If life is indeed a journey – it is not enough that we simply travel – we need to continue to explore – for better things – for possibilities – for opportunities – for meaning – for greater and wider purpose – for that elusive thing called true love – for that captivating thing called inner freedom  – for that priceless thing called joy.

May God bless and enrich our journeys.

One thought on “Trolley

  1. Ahhhh…. this is wonderful! For a moment, based on the first picture, I thought the thing that caught your eye was the color. On the first pic, it looked fuchsia! And how cool would that have been? A man pulling a black trolley with a fuchsia handle. In any case… the red with that ultimate one-liner was super cool indeed! 🙂 Here’s to many more explorations! 🙂

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