Postcard to Heaven

Today, if I could send a postcard to heaven, I will send this to my parents, who, for the first time, are celebrating their wedding anniversary in paradise…

(photo taken at Edinburgh, Scotland)

4 thoughts on “Postcard to Heaven

  1. I hope not till a very long time, my dear Adnelle. You have so much to live for still… so much to do, such a mission ahead of you. Leave them be, and let them both enjoy watching you from heaven. Love you. XOXO

    1. No. Not yet. There are still things I want to do but I was hoping they could visit me – kahit sa panaginip lang….

  2. In God’s time, my dear friend. Losing a loved one is really difficult, and is a challenge to live your life as the Lord wants you to. Yes, easier said than done. I lost my mom in 2000, and my dad in 2002, still to this date i shed tears for I miss them. GBU.

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