6 thoughts on “Thank You

    1. Thank you for your very touching FB message… really appreciate it. Read it several times… and it did make me smile… 🙂 Salamat.

  1. This is exactly what you represented for me during these years, dear Adnelle. A gift of God!

  2. You are my angel, dear Adnelle. 🙂 You know, one night when I was putting MB to sleep, he said, “Mama, I think in heaven, there are millions of bodies scattered on the ground.” I kinda freaked out at the image he had in his mind. Then I asked him why that was so… and he said: “When we die, our soul floats up to heaven…. and among all those scattered bodies, we can choose which angel-body we want. And we slip into the body… and we become angels!” For a little child of 8, I thought that was such a cute way of visualizing how we, in fact, become angels. Think of the many angels you have watching over you… 🙂 Lots of love. XOXO

    1. Kisses to MB… xoxo

      I will unsubscribe you from my blogsite… I get conscious now… Goddesses are not meant to read pedestrian blogs such as mine…

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