Before April ends…

I thought I should try to write. Even if my brain is  drained from any creative juices or any inspiration to write, to take photos or to do things I normally find pleasure of doing, maybe I should still try to write…

I have been a subscriber of Bo Sanchez’s online soulfood newsletter for a long time but for weeks and weeks, it has become a habit to delete his emails immediately. I don’t even read the subject/title of the email. I just delete it. It’s probably easier to just unsubscribe rather than to constantly receive and delete emails. I had lost appetite from reading inspirational/motivational materials.

But not today. Things were a bit different this morning.  I will blame it to the weather! After a week of gloomy, rainy days, – today, the sun is shining brightly and weather is warmer – so that kind of help me start the day with openness and not withdrawn from the world.

On my way to work, I checked my phone and saw an email from Bo. Title of the email was, ‘Will you break or bounce?’. Hmmm… should I delete or should I read? Actually, I felt like I did not need to read the whole article – the title alone is enough to occupy my thoughts for the whole day. But there must be more in the article. And so I read…  (

He said that we sometimes find ourselves in a pothole from small to ultra massive nuclear-bomb-crater potholes and from there we either break or bounce. He reminded his readers once again that we are all meant to bounce.


I have no idea!

I normally have something to say about these things. I can quote something from a book, from a song, from a movie, from an experience or something I heard from a stranger. My friends Og Mandino, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey and Henri Nouwen will probably offer me money-back for their books that I have purchased and read over the years.

How does one bounce back?

Seventy-five days.

It hurts more and more…