I drove south of Manila few days ago. I was all by myself and was trekking an unfamilar route and with very few vehicles passing by. I later learned it wasn’t a very safe route.

A wonderful surprise has welcomed me as I crossed the boundaries of two towns. I did not even pull over on the side of the road. Knowing that there were no cars behind me, I just stopped the car in the middle of the road, grabbed my phone and captured this beautiful sign of hope.

Several weeks ago, I told a friend about a decision I had to make and I am looking/waiting for signs. She gently looked at me and said, ‘Ano pa ang sign na hinahanap mo? The sign is what is in your heart.’ While what my friend said was true, I also think that rainbows, shooting  stars or butterflies are but God’s gentle signs of His presence  from which He says, ‘I am with you.’

That’s what is great about God, whatever decisions we make and especially when we bring it to prayer, He will make His presence felt and it is up to us to recognise Him. I ask not for a sign to confirm a decision but just a gentle sign knowing that He is there no matter what.

May our Good Lord bless us all.