What’s Next?

I watched ‘Bandila’, a Filipino late night TV news program. They have a new segment for showbiz news and they have guests every night, live on the studio. For tonight (15/12/2011), their guest was Bamboo – lead singer of a popular band but is now pursuing a solo career.

Boy Abunda, the segment host, asked Bamboo series of random but cool questions and Bamboo had to respond quickly and spontaneously. He had to answer questions like,

What is your present state of mind?

How do you keep your balance?

Name a song you’ll never sing again…

Name a song you wished was yours…

Do you believe in God?

If you were to ask God just one question, what will it be?

His answer to that last question was, ‘What’s Next?’

I thought that was a brilliant answer. For no matter how much we think we  know what is going to happen next, we still need to leave a room for the unexpected. If I ask the same question to God right now, I hope He will respond, ‘Allow me to joyfully surprise you!’

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