I read Conrado de Quiros’ column (Inquirer) the other day titled ‘Possibilities’, where one Sunday afternoon, he saw P-Noy in the embrace of his people and there he saw possibilities.

The article left me wondering not about President Noynoy Aquino and how in his own way he would make a mark in our country’s history, over and beyond what his parents have accomplished but the article made me think of the word ‘Possibilities’.

We are sometimes married to our goals and aspirations, clinging closely to what we have and not wanting to let go of the things that make us feel secure or complete, in a way we perceive them to be.  But we also sometimes lack the courage to go beyond and think of other possibilities.

One of my favourite films is ‘The Last Holiday’ and in that movie, Queen Latifah has a scrapbook which she called ‘The Book of Possibilities’. She compiled all her wishes and desires in that book and when she learned that her days are numbered, she looked at her scrapbook and started to chase and make each of those possibilities a reality.

We are always asked what our dreams and aspirations in life are but we are seldom invited to think and explore the different and other possibilities that are presented before us which little do we know, will ultimately bring us authentic happiness.

One Saturday afternoon, I look at myself and everything around me and there I try to look for some possibilities.