It was a couple of months ago when I joined two friends visiting a butterfly exhibit. While I find inspiration from the life cycle of butterflies, I’ve never had the chance to have a close and focused encounter with these sensational creatures.  My two friends came prepared – they have their proper cameras with them while I have to rely on my semi-battery drained compact camera.

My heart leapt when I saw a striped butterfly. I remember one of my favourite books – “Hope for the flowers” – a book about life, about friendship, about hope. One of the main characters in the book is Stripe. I suddenly felt connected in that little butterfly world.

I chased Stripe but there’s so much restlessness. Stripe was flying endlessly and unlike other butterflies who flip their wings gracefully, Stripe was flying aimlessly. Until my camera ran out of battery, I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of Stripe. I asked my friend if she could kindly take a photo of that ‘aligagang’ (restless) butterfly.  When I got home, I emailed my friend and asked if she could email me the photo of Stripe. Unfortunately, she also failed to capture my Stripe.

You know when we like something and if for some reasons we couldn’t get what we want at that particular moment, we say, ‘Next time’ or ‘One day’ or ‘I’ll come back and have you’ – that’s what I silently told myself. One day, before the exhibit ends, I will come back for Stripe.

Few weeks had passed and time just didn’t allow me to go back to the exhibit. Until one day, I have a window for an hour to spare, I hurriedly went back to the exhibit. My Stripe was there, no longer restless. I went near Stripe and said, ‘I came back for you’. As if my Stripe has been bestowed with knighthood or damehood, Stripe posed for me like a royal – so much graciousness and elegance.

Meet my Stripe  – and try to read the book ‘Hope for the flowers’ and you’ll learn more about Stripe and Yellow (the other butterfly).