London had an interesting weather today. It is one of those days when you get to experience different seasons in one day.

The morning started gloomy and chilly, forcing you to think twice before leaving the house – on whether or not to put your winter coat on. Then just before lunch time, there were drops of rain. Then few hours after, there was a glimpse of sun, trying hard to break through from the clouds. Temperature rose from single to double-digit. At 4pm, the sun was shining high, temperature reached the 20’s  and the warm breeze of fresh air suggested that I should pay homage to mother nature and wander around.

My feet brought me to the Tower of London and my heart brought me to that one little corner beside the river Thames. Paulo Coelho will not be impressed if I write a spoof of his best selling novel and titled it, ‘By the river Thames, I sat down and wept.’

Today, I remember two people celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary. I don’t actually know the details on how their love story started but I have witnessed what I thought was the end – the last touch, the last kiss, the final goodbye. Yet, the love didn’t end there, the story didn’t end there. I know they continued to love each other. I know that when he left for eternity, he pledged to watch over her and remain to be the wind beneath her wings, the source of inspiration and strength. I know when she said goodbye, she let go of him physically but she locked his heart into hers where it will forever remain beating.

As I remember these two special people today, I know, that even if they are not together, he held her hands today when she needed him the most and she sent him a special prayer of love.

The sun is slowly starting to set and it was almost time for me to leave and go home when I saw this two old couple wandering beside the river.

They probably have more than 37 years of life together. My heart smiled. I remembered the line in a song that says, ‘if you follow the sunset, will it ever end?…’

Today, I tried to chase the sunset of love to find out if it ever ends…

No, it never ends. Andew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom of the Opera sums it up, ‘Love never dies…’ It may set in the west but it will always find its way to rise again in the east…

Today, the 2nd week of Easter, the Risen Christ is telling us the same thing, ‘My love for you endures forever…” Love didn’t end with the crown of thorns and at the foot of the cross. It continued… from a distance…

5 thoughts on “5/5

  1. adnelle, this is a very moving article. hmmm i think we should sit down and plan the ”book” hehehe

  2. Wish I were there with you walking by the Thames and listening to the poetic descriptions of the scenery that come out from your most loving heart.

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