Happy Easter

My last blog was titled Triduum, but, I didn’t get to mention at all, the third and final piece that makes up the Triduum – the Resurrection! Maybe because when I wrote it, I was still journeying with the Passion and Death of Christ and have not fully disposed myself yet to His Resurrection.

A friend who has read my blog sent me Easter greetings and said that the Triduum is also a period of discovery. I couldn’t agree more.  If we only let the Spirit to work, we will understand things more, we will understand love more, we will understand life more.  He also made a comment about Easter and how people equate it with easter eggs, bunny and spring – when nature rises from the darkness of winter and forget about the Christian meaning of it.

Another friend sent me easter egg chocolates. He sent me two boxes – yummy ones.

So I thought, to make it more meaningful, after tonight’s Easter Vigil, which will probably end at midnight, I will celebrate Easter as if it is New Year! As I eat these chocolates, I will think of graces I want to say thank you for and graces I want to ask God for this Easter. It is another year where our friendship with Christ matures in love and fidelity.

Christ is Risen. Let us rejoice. Be grateful and joyful.

May our Risen Lord bless us all!

One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. As Christ did rise from the tomb, so also His followers should rise from their own tombs… their dark side of life, and live in the splendor of the Risen Master.

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