The latest SWS survey showed that most Filipinos consider Christmas more important than Easter.

Last January, a week after the Feast of the Nazareno, my brother, a friend and I went to Quiapo at 3am for mass and we each have a statue of the Nazareno blessed. Few days after, I told another friend about it and said that I will bring the statue with me to London. He said that he’s not particularly keen on having an image of the Nazareno because of the cross, the passion and all the sufferings of Christ that the Nazareno depicts.

That friend of mine is probably one of the respondents in the SWS survey. 🙂

I love the Triduum. I love it more than Christmas. I know Christmas is a joyous occasion, but the Triduum is more profound.

Just like today, Maundy Thursday, during mass, we commemorated the Last Supper and the Washing of the Feet. We then extended our meditation during the vigil by reflecting on the Agony in the Garden and Jesus’ Arrest.

I love the Triduum because it brings me to the edges of human emotions.

Try being a part of the Last Supper and be among the disciples, sharing bread and wine with a dear friend, with a mentor, who tells you He will be gone soon. Doesn’t it teach us how one should really cherish the times spent with one another?

Feel the pain of Jesus when Peter repeatedly affirmed his love for Him but then denied his friend at the end. How about the betrayal of Judas? How many times did we feel betrayed in our lives? Do we also acknowledge the Judas in us?

Be there at the scene of the washing of the feet, and see the real meaning of humility and how one must endeavor to serve and not be served. But more than anything, realize what it truly means to be in friendship with God.

Walk with Jesus at the garden, and feel the agony when one is tempted. How it truly means to pray the words, ‘Thy will be done!”

And when He was arrested, feel the calmness and the courage in His heart.  Every scene is full of meaning and inspiration.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Let’s stand beside Jesus as He is presented to Pontius Pilate. Feel the pain, the anxiety, the love, the surrender.  Let us walk with Him to the Calvary. Meet Mary Magdalene, Simon and be ready to fall on the ground few times. Allow yourself to accompany Mary and find strength from Our Lady.

On his homily last Sunday, Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite of the Society of St. Paul said, “…one must look at the cross and contemplate on these words ‘Pag-ibig, masdan ang ginawa mo!’” We all get bruised because of love. Jesus did not only get bruised, He died!

I love the Triduum. Have a meaningful one.

2 thoughts on “Triduum

  1. When the respondents gave their answer, they mistook the word “important” for “happiest or merriest”, that is why they answered “Christmas”. I agree with you and with the theologians that the events of the Triduum (Passion, Death, Resurrection) are by far more important, more helpful to salvation than Christmas. St Paul said, “Vain is your faith if Christ has not risen!” (1Cor 15:14).

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