Plan. Execute. Control. Deliver.

I have attended a number of courses and trainings where ‘Managing’ and ‘Management’ were always part of the discussion. Everytime the instructor or the speaker will ask ‘What is your understanding of management?’, I always have a ready answer. PLOC! It is the process of planning, leading, organizing and controlling!  Over the past couple of decades, Project Management became more popular and it became a staple methodology used by businesses today.

Regardless which method or discipline you will subscribe to, Project Management’s common processes can be summed up into four: Plan, Execute, Control, Deliver – almost similar to that of management but it has a defined deliverable at the end.

There are aspects in our lives where the principles of management or project management cannot be applied. Just like bowling, we can plan, we then execute, but the moment we released the ball from our hands, we can just simply wait in anticipation and surrender our fate. At times, we will miss our target and we will be on our knees. But at the end, we must always stand up again, feel good about ourselves, smile and start all over again!