bits and pieces (part 2)

Simon Says

It’s a bit odd not seeing Simon Cowell in American Idol 2011. Not that I miss him but his comments, no matter how much people love or hate it, had been consistent, regardless if it’s good or bad – it is always with the intention of making the contestant become better. If one gets a praise from him, that gives unparalleled confidence. If one gets a criticism, it’ll drive up the desire to perform better and prove that Simon is wrong. I’m not an American Idol contestant but I am blessed with many “Simon Cowell’s” in my life – those who encourage and allow me to perform my best at the centre stage of life.

Faceless 50

I didn’t know that tsunami is actually a Japanese word: tsu means harbor and nami means wave.  We’ve seen hundreds of images from tsunami stricken Japan. While we offer prayers for the victims and the families they left behind, I have a special affection to the faceless technicians – known as Fukushima 50, who volunteered to remain in the plant to pump seawater on dangerously exposed nuclear fuel. Reminded me of the movie Armageddon, where Bruce Willis and his team were sent to destroy an asteroid which is heading towards earth.  There are these faceless heroes who are willing to offer their lives for the benefit of the many but there are also these heroes in our lives whose names we know and whose faces we see everyday. Let us acknowledge them and say, ‘Thank You”.

Run Forrest, Run!

I used to live in a flat that’s just a walking distance from where I work. So, everyday, I have a full control on how much time it would take me to get to the office. Factors that affect my speed are: type of shoes, weather and if I need to have a quick stop to get a breakfast.

Things changed when I had to move farther away and started taking the public transport: bus and tube. It’s too difficult to predict traffic and train delays.  I somehow lost the control I once had.

Watch this video:

That was I taking the video…

early morning…

in my office suit…

chasing a bus just so I will not be late!  (Heard the two tiny coughs as sign of exhaustion?).

Those who know me will probably not believe right away. Yes, I can run. 🙂

Simply proves that if we want something badly enough, we’ll discover that, if and when needed, we can actually run!

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