Amo il cioccolato

I am fortunate enough to have tasted hundreds of chocolates in my lifetime. I do have favourites but it changes through time.

When I was young, I always ask my Papa to bring home some chocolates for me. He will usually bring either Serg bars or M&M’s. Those two chocolates became one of my life’s favourites, not because of the taste but because of my Papa.

Years ago, I was travelling from the US back to Manila and I had a short stop over in Japan. I randomly bought chocolates at the duty free shop for ‘pasalubong’ but there’s this one chocolate bar I bought just so I have something to munch on the plane en route to Manila.  That chocolate bar turned out to be the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I don’t know what it’s called (can’t read Japanese characters!)! That time, I have a very good friend who’s based in Japan. He would call me from time to time and in one of our phone conversations, I did tell him about the chocolate and how much I love it. I told him I didn’t know the name but I described how it is packaged, the colour of the wrapper, and all the specific details I could remember. He found the chocolate and made it a point that everytime he or his Mom or sister visits Manila, I’ll get not just a box, but boxes of that chocolate!

A couple of weeks ago, someone gave me a bar of chocolate from Italy. I’ve had that kind of chocolate once and I know how yummous it is – the taste, the texture and how it graciously melt inside the mouth. Instead of saying my usual and plain ‘Thank You’, I did tell him how happy I was, how much I love that chocolate and how much joy it brings me everytime I eat it. Lo and behold, the following morning, I found a package of more Italian chocolates and goodies, literally left at my doorsteps.

Forrest Gump did say that life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get. If I’ll have the chance to sit beside him while waiting for the bus to arrive, I would tell him that…

In life, we ask God for chocolates and He gives us Serg and M&M’s – may not be the ones that we like but because it comes from Him, it becomes the most delicious and expensive chocolate in the world.

In life, we ask and pray to God for the things we want, just like the Japanese chocolate and even if it is oftentimes difficult to name what we really want, if we just share with Him the specific details of what it is that we truly desire, He’ll be able to find it and send it to us in abundance.

In life, if we truly know how to say thank you and show our appreciation for the things He has blessed us with, even if we don’t ask, just for that single beat of gratefulness in our hearts, He’ll deliver more great surprises in our doorsteps.

Amo il cioccolato. I love chocolates.

9 thoughts on “Amo il cioccolato

  1. Bravissima! E’ vero … la nostra gratitudine al donatore rende il datore dare di più. Continua ad avere un cuore riconoscente, perché un cuore grato è un cuore che ama…

    1. Grazie molto. Qualcuno una volta che detto, ad esempio lo ringrazia non è appena buoni modi, esso è grande spiritualità.

  2. Anch’io amo il cioccolato. Ci sono diversi tipi e gusti di cioccolati. Ma a mi piace il cioccolato nero che per la prima volta ho trovato nella abbazia dei Trappisti a Tre Fontane a Roma molti anni fa. Ma qui a Pinas ce’ anche il cioccolato fatto di caccao. Lo ho gustato in SM Cebu….Bene, quando torni a Pinas, portami un cioccolato nero. Uno solo, dato da una amica cara che si chiama adnelle.

    1. Sono d’accordo, RH. Il cioccolato mi riferivo nel mio blog è stato il cioccolato Trappisti delle Tre Fontana. Delizioso! Sicuramente, il mio preferito! Ti porterò alcuni cioccolati Trappisti la prossima volta.

  3. Hi Eyds, How are u? I know how much you loved chocolates and I loved it too!, when i was young – all I could dreamt of is too see our Fridge /cupboards overflowing w/chocolates 🙂 . Its funny, coz now that I am fortunate to buy any chocolates I wanted -but- too bad I have no more cravings for it.. 🙂 But thanks to the chocolates, if its not for those yummy tastes I would not have dreamt to crave for more.. 🙂
    Your story is very inspiring. Thanks to our God , I was blessed to experience the many blessings, the flavours and sweetness of life… lifes indeed a box of chocolate.

    1. Hey Evz… we didn’t have money before to buy the chocolates we wanted but that alone did not only increase our craving for chocolates but it did increase our appetite to achieve and provide a better life for our loved ones. Oh dear, those were the days! I miss you. God bless you, my friend!

  4. hello eydnel,,very nice story that can touch our lives,,keep it up sharing like this,,GOD BLESS 🙂

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