Rahim Khan to Amir

“There is a way to be good again.” – this is what Rahim Khan told Amir to encourage him to respond to the invitation of amending his failures and shortcomings in the past and to eventually redeem himself and be a better person.

Rahim Khan, Amir and Hassan are three of the main characters in the book (and movie) “The Kite Runner”. Their story is everyone else’s story. I can look at myself and can easily identify a Rahim Khan, an Amir, a Hassan and even a Baba in me.

Today, as I end 2010 and as I enthusiastically wait for 2011, I find myself as Amir, being told by God,  – “There is a way to be good again”. This morning, I met a Rahim Khan – and during our brief encounter, he explained to me the value and importance of “Commitment”. That the only way I can truly live out all my desires and aspirations is when I am sincerely committed to be good, to be better and to be the best that I can be.

We have our own ways of welcoming New Year. We write our resolutions, we plan, we look forward for great things to come and to happen. We pledge to be better and to do better. But the key to all these things is wrapped in just one word, “Commitment”.

As I welcome the New Year, I ask God for that grace – where I will be truly committed to everything that I do, in all of my relationships, in all that I have engaged myself with. I pray that I will have a heart that is consistently committed and oriented to do what is good and beautiful and will speak the language of faith.

Happy New Year everyone. May we all have a grace-filled 2011. May we all be gifted with the grace of commitment and may we use that gift well.


One thought on “Rahim Khan to Amir

  1. nhelle, i pray that your relationship with God become stronger and more steadfast. God bless you, your family and all your plans. may you have more so you can give more!

    lots of God’s blessings in 2011 and beyond! *hugs*

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