About 8 years ago, a friend took this photo of me during a management day out. I actually didn’t remember that a photo was taken until she gave me a copy of this together with a very beautiful letter few months after.  She said, ‘as you test the big, wide water out there, just bear in mind that you have been equipped by Him with everything that is necessary to succeed…”. She continued, ‘as you, therefore, swim to conquer and prevail over deeper oceans, do not forget the ‘significance’ for which you are searching…’.

This photo reminded me of the last scene in the movie Eat, Pray, Love where Liz (Julia Roberts) was also at the end of the dock, standing. The only difference between Liz and myself is that she’s waiting for Felipe (Javier Bardem) while I, at this point in my life, am simply waiting for two companions – Faith and Trust.

Liz waited for Felipe and as soon as he arrived, she told him, ‘Attraversiamo’ – meaning ‘Let’s cross over!’ Both of them wearing beautiful smiles on their faces as they journey to a new life together.

In life, there are as many stopovers as crossovers. The former usually followed by the latter. Whether it’s a cross over from one job to another, from one relationship to another (or nothing), from one dream to another, from one chapter to another, crossing over is a process of emotional, spiritual and mental metamorphosis.

As I move on from a seemingly lifetime and painful stopover, I now dive into those big, wide waters out there. With deeper trust and increased faith, with all our family and friends behind us, and with Him who is my life vest and who said, ‘Be not afraid. Be still and know that I am here.’, with a smile on my face, I say, ‘Attraversiamo!’.

5 thoughts on “Attraversiamo

  1. How are you Eyds? Hope you’re doin fine. 🙂
    It brings more strength to face this wonderful day after reading your blog. Youre an inspiration. keep it up.

  2. Hmmm… I hope any day soon I can do the same… crossover from one relationship to nothing…

    I miss you, bespren… Lapit na bday mo ah! Close ba kayo ni Pi-Noy? He declared your bday as Public Holiday! :p

  3. About three months ago, my girlfriends and I went to dive. I don’t know what I felt that time but really, I was so scared when I was just a few meters under water. Both you and I know very well maam that fear is just False Emotions Appearing Real. So right are you that maybe there are things in my life that I am not yet so prepared to embrace and take a crossover. Hehe…I missed that movie by the way. Might as well watch Julia soon. All the best maam!=)

  4. hi boss, sana naalala mo pa ako musta na po kayo, miss ko na po kayo, di ko alam email add nyo eh kaya dito na lang ako nagmessage para sa inyo. antagal ko nagsearch sa internet para makita kayo. sana po makita ko po kayo miss ko na po kayo. may anak na po ako at magdadalawa na po.

  5. Hi Adnelle,

    beautiful sharing and realization. for sure you had a wonderful celebration of your b-day. I’m with you in prayer and thanksgiving for the gift of your person. May God bles you always! missed you.

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