Tuesdays @ FFI – Hijacker

I have been trying to think of what and how to best describe the annoyances and disturbances I come across with every now and then. It comes in different forms, sizes, colours and magnitude.

Take for example last Tuesday, when I tried to start and end the day right. Woke up early, said my morning prayers, had breakfast, looked forward for a productive day and end it with a peaceful mind and grateful heart. That was the plan. Carry out the day from point A to point B.

Everything was going well until mid-day, when during a post meeting conversation, someone just robbed me off of my sanity and calmness, just like an unexpected hijacker, who illegally seized what I have planned for the day and forced it to go to a different destination. The seemingly innate rudeness and arrogance of this Tuesday hijacker made me panic, felt inferior and upset.  I did not end the day with peaceful mind and grateful heart. For a significant period of that day, I did allow the hijacker to be in control.

We are exposed to many forms of hijacking – bad news, bad conversations, bad emails, phone calls or text messages. All these, sadly influence and even change the course of our days, of our lives, and more sadly, it oftentimes leave our hearts bruised.  We cannot prepare enough or shield ourselves enough to prevent the ‘hijacking’ to happen but through interior preparation, we can prime ourselves on how to respond more appropriately.

That Tuesday night, I did pray for guidance so I can respond more appropriately next time it happens. Lo and behold, the gospel last Wednesday (Matthew 18:15-20) talked about how to treat someone like the Tuesday hijacker. Maybe, it is not all about just moving from point A to B – hijackers are necessary because they are invitations for us to take the distance between our knees and the floor and in prayer, sought for God’s protection and ask for our most needed graces.

Dear God,

when withdrawing from a battle

is not an option,

let your angels

of wisdom



be my

shield and armour,


5 thoughts on “Tuesdays @ FFI – Hijacker

  1. In the face of unavoidable situation created by a person or place or event, our mind should be lifted up to the Divine Master and ask for guidance. Calming our nerves or running away, or ignoring the “hijacker” may be just the solution at the moment when the time and the place do not suggest to bend our knees in prayer. Keep cool.

    1. That’s what I did, RH. I was like a sponge absorbing all the rudeness and arrogance, then I silently walked away. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this Eyd, came at just the right time. Makes me miss you more.

    Oftentimes I do let the bad overwhelm me until I feel that all of it tends to smother me somehow, kinda akin to a man drowning, trashing at the water but feeling weary because of the strong forces pulling beneath him.

    Then I remember what you used to tell me, “go to mass Jen”. I took that to mean that you wanted me to hear what He had to say.

    And so I did, as I still do.

    I kneel and offer all of the bad to Him, ask for His guidance and protection, and the strength to overcome the trials I currently face. As I walk out of the church, I feel light and refreshed. The bad is still there but I feel better after having poured out my anxieties to Him.

    1. Amen.

      Imagine us having coffee… one day, it’ll happen again. Just like the good old days…

      We keep each other in our prayers. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Im lacking of prayer thats why I always loose battle with my ‘hijacker’ … thanks for reminding me to PRAY at all times, just how busy lives thought me to ignore the most powerful miracle that one can do , a minute of ‘PRAYER ” . Salamat for reminding…

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