Tuesdays @ FFI – Two Words p2

In my previous blog, I did put a note that it is to be continued. A friend expressed that she is actually wondering how I can pull off an ending to that blog. I also do not know. I just felt that it is incomplete.

I came to write that first blog after downloading the song ‘Two Words’ from iTunes, listening to it (without exaggeration) more than 100 times and watching two youtube versions – one when Lea Salonga sang it in one of her concerts years ago and the other one when she sang the song at her wedding.

I tried to stay away from the context of ‘I do’ between two people. I wanted to focus on the many ‘I do’s’ we profess in our daily lives. Thus, the first blog. But, I did not want to leave it just like that.

I wanted to pay tribute to a beautifully crafted song – from its lyrics, melody, arrangement and the way it was soulfully sang by one of the greatest performers I’ve known in my lifetime.  She sang it in two different occasions – first as a duty to perform, the second as an expression of lifetime commitment where life is offered.

In life, we do so many things as part of our professional commitments. I yearn for that day when I can truly tell myself that what I do is not a duty dictated by my job, that what I do is an expression of service not only to fulfill a dream but to find meaning in my chosen vocation.


6 thoughts on “Tuesdays @ FFI – Two Words p2

  1. When God invites us to say ‘I do’ to the vocation He chose for us, it is because he knows that it is the only way
    – where we can achieve our goal
    – where we can find happiness
    – where we shall find our soul’s satisfaction and longings
    – where He has sowed the necessary graces
    from the diary circa 1901-1902 of the young J. Alberione

      1. I have to read the rest of the diary:-)

        I think ‘I do’ kind of implies ‘I am’, a claim one makes for who he/she really is in the original plan. So fidelity to the ‘i do’ is fidelity to who one is. If fidelity is not giving true joy and hinders one to become then perhaps one should think a thousand times over before saying ‘i do’.

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