Today, I cooked adobo.

I met a new friend yesterday. We went to a nice restaurant along the River Thames overlooking Tower Bridge. Whilst the place and the menu are excellent, he would, in several instances, mention how he loves Filipino food. If only I know a nice, decent Filipino restaurant in London, I would have probably offered to bring my new Argentinian-cum-Italian-religious-brother-friend there right away.

For more than 5 hours, our conversations travelled across the world. From Vatican to Peru to China – talking about literature, history, languages, theater, food, people and of life in general.  But he did ask me one personal question – ‘Adnelle, do you know how to cook?’.

I answered reluctantly, ‘No, but if and when needed, I can put something together.’ He then told me that he thinks I can cook, I just have to believe that I can.

So today, when I woke up, remembering the challenged I was given by my new friend last night, plus after starving myself the whole week, I decided I will prepare something. The safest dish to try is, what else but every Filipino’s favourite – Adobo.

I think there are 3 important ingredients in discovering what and how well we can do something – 1) a pinch of courage to at least try; 2) a spoonful of enthusiasm to do it with fun and not be afraid of failing; and 3) a cup of openness where you let others either affirm or criticize you.

We agreed to meet again soon, before he flies back to Rome – I will probably offer to cook and offer him a menu of Filipino dishes. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Adobo

  1. Wow Eyds! could’nt believe you can cook!! 🙂 Good on yah. Wish I can have a bite ! 🙂 Next time “Sinigang” naman. 🙂

  2. hahaha. mama ko, ano namang klaseng question yan. of course, kinain ko. i mean, nakain ko naman.

    masarap lang tingnan. hahaha. kalerkey comment mo mama ko!

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