Tuesdays @ FFI – Two Words

Our daily life is weaved together by thread of decisions. Some life changing – providing a new set of canvas for what is yet to come. Some life giving – adding colours to once a monochromatic landscape. Some decisions entail embracing while some require letting go. Some decisions are guided and inspired by faith while other decisions can be achieved by processing and analysing data. The pinnacle is when we face that moment when we have to say ‘I do’.

And if life should come to just one question,

Do I hold each moment true?

No trace of sadness,

Always with gladness…

‘I do’

(lyrics from the song, Two Words)

How true! Of the many vows we have professed in our lives – from the most simple promises we’ve made to ourselves to the most revered commitments we have made to our loved ones and others, if life truly should come to just one question, whenever we make a decision, even if there are traces of sadness, for as long as when we said I do, we held and faced that moment true, we should look at who and what we are today with gladness.

(to be continued…)