Go, Grow and Glow

In grade school, we were taught of the three basic food groups: GO for foods that provide energy (carbohydrates), GROW for foods that enhances growth development (protein) and GLOW for foods that enhances the quality of our skin (vitamins). We need to take the right balance and the right amount of food from these three groups in order to attain a healthy body. That’s what my grade school teachers taught me.

Today, I am reminded of these 3 food groups for I hardly eaten the entire day. I had one piece of croissant for breakfast, half cookie for snacks, a small serving of fruits for lunch, a bottle of water for the whole day and a glass of lemon frappuccino for dinner.

From time to time, it is useful to take an account of the day that went by and see how we looked after ourselves. Did we eat enough? Did we love enough? Did we share enough? Did we laugh enough? Did we pause enough? Did we listen enough?

In life, it is not just food that makes us go, grow and glow. Experiences, family, friends, job, hobbies, dreams, pains and joy – these and many others feed our being.

What / Who keeps you GOing? GROWing? GLOWing?

4 thoughts on “Go, Grow and Glow

  1. Your three Gs remind me of the three Rs, also in the elementary school. That’s a good trinomial. If we follow it, we will surely be healthy and happy now and later.
    I know you eat “very little”, even in Italiannis. But I guess you know better the needs of your body and spirit. So continue following the three Gs…Good luck. Ciao.

  2. Hello Ineng,
    Kumain ka mabuti, don’t be skinny! πŸ™‚
    Pag nalaman ni mama mo di ka kumakain she’ll be worried about you..

    and speaking of Glow foods, remember you were the advocacy of fooling little kids that ‘apparently vegies’ will not make u an intelligent one πŸ™‚ (coz u neither eat it !! :0 ) & well prefer to eat ur ever favs sausage !! πŸ™‚ hehehe

    1. Evz… sino namang kiddos ang sinabihan ko na wag kakain ng gulay? πŸ˜›
      Hindi naman talaga dapat kinakain ang halaman.

      Nothing has changed – I have the same motto – Milk and Vegetables – Yikes! πŸ™‚

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