The Fine Line

Several months ago, one quiet Saturday afternoon, I was walking along the pavements of Canary Wharf and I came across this pub called The Fine Line. I stopped, took a photo, continued with my aimless walk and have forgotten about it until today.

Two Fridays ago, I had a wonderful lunch with two American friends who were visiting London.  During meal, they were asking for suggestions on the best places to see and things to do in the city.  I am ready to recommend an array of things but it is best to narrow it down based on the tourist’s available time and interest.  Probably overwhelmed by the many choices I presented, I was then asked to name my Top 2 favourite places to visit. I only named one because there is only one. The Greenwich observatory where you can find the Prime Meridian Line. The line that separates the East and the West, the line at which the longitude is defined at 0 degree. Economy, culture, traditions, colour, religion and many other things separate the East and the West, but being at the observatory allows me, just for brief moment, simply by standing at the line, to physically embrace these two parts of the world around my arms.

Today, I had lunch with a Japanese (MYY) and a Filipino (PCG) friends. We talked about so many things and at one point PCG mentioned about ‘extremes’ and how too much of anything is not good for our well-being.  While it can be a simple reminder as not taking too much alcohol or what not, PCG mentioned something more insightful. He said, ‘in medio virtus stat’ – Latin words for ‘virtue stays in the middle’. I then remember another friend who said that too much patience may lead to complacency. True.  Virtue stays in the middle. Between loving and loving until it hurts which paralyzes you from loving more, virtue stays in the middle. Between being generous and being abused, virtue stays in the middle.

These three significant experiences may not be related at all to one another but reflecting on it today, it did give me the chance to remind myself to always be conscious of the many fine lines in my life and in my relationships.

Dear God, when challenges, temptations and pain come my way, grant me the fortitude and wisdom to find the fine line where I give no prejudice to anyone, not even to myself and to never lose sight of the fine line where virtue stays. Amen.

2 thoughts on “The Fine Line

  1. Hi Eyds,
    You’re doin well my dear 😉 and It’s ok to be tempted moderately 🙂 .. as the saying goes ..” Water which is too pure has no fish ” .. GOD Bless you Always!

  2. Yes, I remember all too well the context of which I used “too much patience leads to complacency.” I always look for that fine line. And even if you see it, the hard part is threading it.

    I agree with loving until it hurts and then you realize that it has paralyzed you enough to be numb — a paradox in itself. That is the time that your virtue shines forth.

    Maybe that fine line is the sliver of light you see in between darkness and light.

    Be well.

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