The Imperfect Lens

Earlier this week, someone I know was complaining about a throbbing pain in her eyes. She then decided to have her eyes checked and less than 24 hours after her check-up, she started wearing eyeglasses for the first time. She was saying that she didn’t realise how bad her eyes were until the optometrist had her read letters using a ‘phoropter’. While changing and trying different lenses, she was surprised that images can still get clearer than how she currently sees it without eyeglasses.

That conversation stayed with me for few days.  It reminded me of how most of the time we thought things are just OK. Only when relationships start to bring a disturbing and throbbing pain, that’s when we start to take notice.  We probably need a ‘phoropter’ and try different lenses called love, understanding, patience, humility and many other virtues we have within us in order to see what the relationship is all about and what does it truly mean to us.

Our relationship with God, with members of our family, friends, co-workers and even strangers are constantly exposed to our own imperfect lenses that are sometimes too quick to judge, to accuse, to blame and sometimes even to take advantage of someone’s weakness.

Our life is a collection of experiences. At times, we capture snippets of these experiences through our imperfect lenses. We capture and keep the things that hurt us, the things that through lack or absence of humility compromised our ability to show compassion.  These images and feelings about people who come across our way somehow influence the way we live our life, the way we express love and the way we allow others to love us.

What benefit will it bring if we only keep images of pain, rejection, abandonment and hate? But how joyful and peaceful will it be if we capture and remember the goodness of each person?

Each day, we are pilgrims holding a camera that allow us to capture moments in our lives that we can keep and look back to.  Be mindful that sometimes our own lenses are blurred by jealousy, pride and many other distractions. Clear it out before it gives us a throbbing pain.

4 thoughts on “The Imperfect Lens

  1. Thank you for sharing this…buti na lang by default positive ang tingin ko sa mga bagay bagay…:) and everytime na may palpak doon na lang nagbabawas point…:)

  2. Just a thought as I read it twice, thrice…what happens after you put on the glasses? Once you see that everything you thought “ok” turned out to be what you say are imperfections? Do you allow yourself to continue living with these because you’ve gotten used to it? Or, as the song goes, “you can see clearly now?”

    Sometimes, though we look at things through imperfect lenses, the choice is up to us to see them as perfect using the heart.

    Let’s go back to the Little Prince…

    Be blessed, Eydnel! Miss na kita!

  3. Thanks Eydnel for this message.
    Our eyes (healthy or imperfect) is the mirror of our soul ..”Lord, help us to see things clearly and appreciate the beauty around us..”

  4. It’s when I read your blog entries that I truly miss you the most 😦 I miss our deep conversations about life, the world and such.

    Your ability to provide a different perspective on anything we were talking about was always a refreshing change.

    Thanks for sharing with me your insights.

    I truly wish I could see you and sit down with you once again, miss that sobra!

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