U Turn’s

I had the chance to attend a recollection recently. The reflection question was a very good invitation to look at one’s life and hopefully realise where it is heading.

“Look at your road.  How has been the journey? How do you feel about your road? Is it like the road of the prodigal son, too tired and hungry to do anything except return to the one place where he had always felt love, or road to Jerusalem, pain-filled, agonizing with its many moments of loneliness and rejection? Is it the road to Bethany where the comfort of friendship eased the demands of a tough journey, maybe road to Emmaus, traveled by 2 sad disciples who were transformed by a blaze of love, retracted steps to share the Good News. Is it the road to the empty tomb where the surprise of God filled the morning with light or is it a desert road where Jesus met his own struggles and came back with the power of the Spirit in him?”

During the recollection, there’s only one image that immediately came into my mind. I was reminded of Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. I told my friend that life is like driving in Commonwealth Avenue. Feels like there is always a race, you feel insecure with the buses and multi-wheeler trucks which act like bulldozers on the road. It is not an expressway but the fast vehicles running on a 6-lane thoroughfare make you fear for your life. But the thing that really caught my attention with Commonwealth Avenue as it is today are the number of U-Turn slots. I was not able to count but next time I will.

Not sure if U Turn’s can be applied to life’s journey. Can we make a U Turn when we missed our destination by not paying attention? Can we make a U Turn and go back to a time and place and start all over again? Can we make a U Turn as an escape when we simply do not want to continue with the current journey?

When I told my friend that U Turn’s are too inviting sometimes, she made the most simple yet profound question – ‘Saan at ano ang babalikan mo?’.

Sa buhay, wala nga sigurong U Turn’s. Hindi kung saan at ano ang babalikan, kung hindi ano ang babaguhin at ano ang maaaring gawin para maging masaya at payapa ang paglalakbay.

God keep blessing you.

7 thoughts on “U Turn’s

  1. Many years ago I was with a friend traveling through the autobahn leading to Berlin (Germany). Perhaps due to our distracting conversation my friend who was driving realized too late that he had overshot the right turn. For about ten-minute drive he found a U-Turn…Ten minutes wasted in a wrong direction is nothing compared to a U-Turn in a personal life that sometimes takes years, just like the U-Turn made by the Prodigal Son. But as they say: Meglio tardi che mai. Mas vale tarde que nunca.

  2. Agree Eyds, very well thought :).
    In life, we make our own destiny. Oftentimes we cried over the spilled milk, and nothing we can do but learned from the past mistake, be more cautious driver and be a better person.

  3. Thanks Maam Adnelle…siguro nga wala talagang U turn in life…dapat matuto lang tayo sa ating pagkakamali at ipagpatuloy ang paglalakbay…

    Pero sa mga road signs ang favorite ko Dead End…kasi sabi nga ni Donald Duck its the only road sign which has the decency to tell you that you are going nowhere. Unlike other signs di ba wala pa rin kasiguraduhan kung tama ang tinutukoy nila…hehehehehehe

    Btw…4 weeks na akong dumadalaw sa KANYA…saka nag eenjoy na ako sa sermon now…:)

  4. If we are so sure of where we are going, U turns are there not to invite us to go back to where we’ve been but to give us a chance to take another look at the things we missed as we travel to your destination. After all, it is not the destination but the journey that molds us. The wise driver knows when to take the u turns.

  5. FinaIIy! I got to read another lesson-filled-enlightening blog from you. This is very nice. I always thought of going back to time and undo some things. But, we know that in reality, there’s really no U turn area where we could just go back. Hehe. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sending this to me ate adnelle. 😀

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