In one of the research articles I have read, it stated that the meaning of happiness differs for younger versus older adults and the key driver that causes this shift is an increased feeling of connectedness both interpersonally (connected to the people) and temporally (connected to present moment).

There comes a point in one’s life when it becomes more and more difficult to know what happiness means. I think this is due to the weakening feeling of ‘connectedness’ to reality, to other people, to the present moment and to one’s self. Happiness is not something that we should constantly chase. It is something that’s already within and around us. You just simply need to allow your heart to remember… ‘for happiness, is anything and anyone at all, that’s loved by you. – (Charlie Brown)’.

9 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Very true… A lot of people do intend to forget, and choose to be miserable… Thank you for this simple reminder ate that happiness is just around the corner, and it is up to us to choose whether to be happy or miserable…

  2. even “remembering” does not always bring about happy-ness. there are memories too painful, too hurtful or traumatic that you cannot feel any “lightness of being” when you look back. however, you are right. happy-ness is a state of mind first. then it becomes a state of being. there are so many happy thoughts that come with the worst of times. like, thinking about how friends stood by you at the saddest day of your life or simply being alone with God when you feel lost or afraid.

    at the end, what matters is how you see “happy” even in the most unexpected place. after all, you don’t have to see far and wide for that. 🙂

  3. Happiness is the feeling of success:

    1) of a man or woman in having what he/she has longed for;
    2) of a law enforcer agent in catching the criminal;
    3) of a politician in helping his/her constituents;
    4) of a lawyer in having his client win the case;
    5) of a photographer in producing a perfect picture;
    6) of a mother in having avoided the abortion of her baby;
    7) of a husband who has finally given up his other woman;
    8) of a priest who has persevered in his chosen vocation;
    9) of a worker who has earned the respect of his employer;
    10) of a teacher who has taught her students to be honest.
    11) of a… (you may add your own…)

  4. Thank you for that Charlie Brown quote.

    Happiness is knowing that every time you wake up, you are once more given a chance to live, to love, to be.

    Be well.

  5. For me happiness is a state of mind.

    I believe that we should always endeavor to be happy, despite whatever challenges we may face. Always try to look at the bright side of things because for me the glass is always half-full 🙂

  6. Very nice. Thank you so much for sharing Adnelle.

    Happiness truly is a state of mind, a state of being, as well as a choice. But aside from those, for me, it emanates from a ‘connectedness’ to the true source of happiness – God. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ ‘gifts’ a person with happiness that goes beyond feeling, a happiness that withstands any problem that we may encounter in our daily living.

    God bless you all!

  7. Binackread ko yung blog mo from the very start at super dami kong oras ngayon and I must say you are indeed a gifted writer na walang-wala ako non. Tapos ay mahilig ka pa palang magbasa ng books, e yan ang ayaw na ayaw ko non, ngayon lang ako napipilitang magbasa dahil sa sobrang dami ng oras ko na pampatanggal buro pag ayaw gumana ng internet connection niya. Nakikilala ko tuloy yung buo mong pagkatao. So nalaman ko din na namatay na pala yung father o nung 2004. Ako kasi, ang very eorable date sakin is Sept. 6, 2003.
    This year mo lang pala sinimula yung blog mo. Keep it up lang.
    Regarding sa topic mo about happiness, nashare ko na naman sayo yung story ko, yung natutunan ko about happiness, na it’s all a matter of perception. Na positive thinking ba. Na I may be deaf, but I’m not blind.

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