Tuesdays @ FFI – If Just One Person Believes in You

If only self-confidence is something we can buy over the counter, we will not have to constantly search for that little voice that says, ‘You can do it’.

If only self-image is something we can paint on a blank canvass, we will not have to worry about failures and defeats as we can always start painting a new image over and over again.

If only self worth is something that has a stable and progressing value that never fluctuates, we will always look at ourselves with great value and with significant importance.

Every now and then, there will come a moment in our lives when we will have to pick up ourselves from an experience that robbed us off with the self confidence that we had painstakingly built over years of patience, perseverance and hard work. When that happens, it is difficult to know when and how to start all over again. Perhaps, this beautiful song from Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstuck and all their friends will remind and teach us how.

“If just one person believes in you; deep enough and strong enough believes in you; hard enough and long enough believes in you; It stands to reason that you yourself will start to see what everybody sees in you, and maybe, even you, can believe in you…”