Tuesdays @ FFI – The Climb

It was during Britain’s X Factor Finals in December 2009 when I first heard this song. I didn’t know that it has been released earlier on and was actually a very popular song in the US during the early part of 2009. Nominated for the Grammy Award, it is indeed a song that is now known to many and I would guess one of the most downloaded songs in 2009 (I was one of those who purchased this from iTunes).

The lyrics are very straightforward, there’s no need to reflect deeper or analyse further. Listening to it will encourage anyone to keep going, to never give up and to be strong. I have been listening to it over and over and over for the last several days but somehow, I felt like something is missing from the lyrics.

So, I checked with my two best friends – Google and Wikipedia. I wanted to know more information about the song. My heart, once again, lead me to the right direction.

Wikipedia says that the original lyrics of the song was written in third person and was more spiritual and contained lines about prayer.  But, was later on changed to suit the requirement of the movie Hannah Montana. That’s it. That’s what I thought was missing. I knew there’s a story behind.

I know not everyone believes in prayer but I know that everyone who will embark or who’s at the middle of a climb, has, in their hearts, a small wish, that someone will look after them and watch over them as they climb. That small wish, that little voice that yearns for protection, is, in its simplest form, a prayer.

Sometimes, it is not about how we started the climb. It is not about how we endure the hardships. It is not about how we rise after a fall. It is not how fast we get there nor what’s waiting on the other side, as the song says.

It is not just about ‘The Climb’. It is also about each and every prayer we utter every step of the way.  When the climb is over, we will all have to look back and see who we have become after the journey.

I now listen to the song with a deeper understanding of its true beginnings. True that some words may have been omitted, but I now know somewhere in between those melodies, the word ‘prayer’ exists.

If I will have the chance to meet the Little Prince and the fox (from the book, The Little Prince), I will join their conversation and say: ‘I agree that what is essential is invisible to the human eye but I will also add that what the ear fails to hear, the heart takes notice of’.

(Found these photos in my file. Taken during a visit to Legoland, October 2009.)

5 thoughts on “Tuesdays @ FFI – The Climb

  1. Recently I experienced how hard it is to climb (at my age…). A friend of mine who had undergone a quintuple bypass was way ahead of me in climbing the 525 steps of a hill where the giant statue of Mary stands. On the way I was forced to stop due to a call of nature. Then I continued my uphill climb with my weakening legs. Surprisingly, I reached the top and had the wonderful view of the islets of the now famous Caramoan.
    The will to reach Mary on top of the hill is the secret… When time allows you, make the climb of that hill in Caramoan. An experience you will never forget.

  2. it is always with God’s grace that we are able to achieve our heart’s desires. we may be physically, mentally, psychologically prepared to “conquer” the world but in the end, there IS someone greater who could make it happen, make you wait or pave way for it to go pfft. and i agree with you, there have been many times that we fail to hear because we do no listen to the murmurs of our hearts. i have had many experiences when my best decisions resulted from not too much rationalizing but more from listening to what is within, all with His grace, of course.

    Thanks for this piece my dear Nhelle. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece Ms. Adnelle. I really enjoy reading lahat ng sinusulat mo.

    Tuesdays @ FFI not only reminds me of FFI days and friends but also reminds me of my fave book Tuesdays with Morrie ( except that we are blessed na healthy tayo ).

    Thanks talaga for being a good teacher/mentor/friend.

    God Bless. 🙂

  4. Sorry, breastmilkforthesingleparentssoul.blogspot.com pala. haha…

    i would need to update it, though.

    you inspired me, yet again.

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