Tuesdays @ FFI

Once in awhile, there will be a need to remind and tell yourself that you are great, that you are loved and that you are exactly where you are meant to be in order to make a difference.

I tried reminding myself these things today (Tuesday). Until it dawned on me, how for almost eight years in my life, I was part of an amazing organisation where every Tuesday morning, we pay tribute and give recognition to those who are great and those who make a difference.

Images are flashing back into my mind… for it is on those project meetings where dreams are made, goals are set, inspiring stories are shared, gratefulness are expressed (and talents are showcased).

Inspired by so many great and amazing people I’ve met on those many Tuesdays @ FFI, may I never forget to have a heart that knows gratitude, a mind that can picture dreams and visions, a will that can endure adversities, a soul that has a compass for what is right and wrong, an ear that truly listens and eyes that are not jealous but sincerely appreciates the beauty around

Let this simple blog be my way of paying tribute to those I have worked with at FFI. You are the best(est)! We will all continue to be the best and make a difference wherever we are.

See you every Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays @ FFI

  1. Thanks ma’am adnelle! You are so great! and this thing proves the uniqueness you have in your mind and especially in your heart..God Bless you always

  2. A, my life guru now writes. And you had to wait until you are safely away from where I am. Hahaha…It warms my heart, and in more ways than one, gives me comfort to read these musings of yours. It is as if we are just face to face and you telling me these things over a cup of tea.

    Continue this as you always give me strength in times when I waver.

    I’ll link this to my breastmilkforthesinglemomssole.blogspot.com.

    Be well and God bless.

  3. Hi Adnelle,

    You made all of us FFI guyz recollect anew the many years of joys & victories, learnings & experiences, adversities & struggles that led US to THRIVE both professional and personal. Gosh Adnelle since FFI dayz YOU are already an INSPIRATION and a FRIEND. A lady I told myself before , I would emulate. Your intelligence have flourished immensely, I hope I still have a chance to pursue this dream to be at least 60% of WHO AND WHAT U HAVE BECOME. FFI will forever be a part of my life, I owe so much to the company, IT CHANGED ALL US FOR THE BETTER. Indeed PROUD to be an FFIan . As the 8TH POWER PRINCIPLE SAYS, ” I HAVE PRIDE IN MYSELF, MY CO-WORKER AND THE COMPANY.

    Thanks sincerely for putting all of us TOGETHER through this endeavor. PLEASE CEASE NOT FROM REUNITING US through the many more exciting & inspiring thoughts and articles you will unselfishly share with us. YOU are GOD’s instrument in conveying HIS message to all of us.

    GOOD JOB ADNELLE… can’t wait to receive and peruse more of your future writings and stories.



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